Being a dad matters.
Put God and family first.

I make time for the ones I love,
and they should always be the priority.


My family is important to me and making sure I have good work-life integration is at the heart of my professional activities. I am married to Rebecca and have two daughters, Kiiera and Karlii. I work in the not-for-profit and education industries, with a passion for learning and making an impact in my organization, profession, and lives of others.

Family Portraits - Caricature Style!

In 2005, we started a family tradition of getting caricatures of ourselves whenever we went somewhere that had a caricature artist. Caricatures are a lot more fun than a family portrait, because there's a story behind the art, and we like to see how each artist captures us.


2005 - Artist Painting

Shaun Rebecca

2007 - Disney World, FL

Shaun Rebecca Kiiera

2010 - Artist Water Color

Reece and Kiiera

2011 - Columbus Zoo, OH

Shaun Rebecca Kiiera Karlii

2013 - Pigeon Roost Farm, OH

Shaun Rebecca Karlii Kiiera

2014 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Shaun Rebecca Karlii Kiiera

2017 - Cedar Point, OH

Shaun Rebecca Karlii Kiiera

2020 - Columbus Zoo, OH

Shaun Rebecca

2006 - King's Island, OH

Rebecca Shaun

2008 - Artist Charcoal

Rebecca Shaun Kiiera

2010 - Pigeon Roost Farm, OH

Rebecca Shaun Kiiera

2012 - Columbus Zoo, OH

Rebecca Shaun Karlii Kiiera

2014 - National Zoo, DC

Shaun Rebecca Kiiera Karlii

2015 - Walt Disney World, FL

Shaun Rebecca Kiiera Karlii

2018 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Shaun Rebecca Karlii Kiiera

2021 - Universal Studios, FL

Rebecca Laurie Amy Lindsey Rachel

2007 - Cedar Point, OH

2009 - Busch Gardens, VA

Shaun Rebecca Kiiera

2011 - Columbus Zoo, OH

Rebecca Kiiera Shaun

2013 - King's Island, OH

Rebecca Shaun Kiiera Karlii

2014 - Cedar Point, OH

Rebecca Kiiera Shaun Karlii

2016 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Rebecca Kiiera Shaun Karlii

2019 - Walt Disney World, Florida

Rebecca Kiiera Shaun Karlii

2023 - Gatlinburg, TN


Shaun Holloway family photo

Photos come from all kinds of places and devices. The big viewer below shows the latest 100 personal, family photos. Visit our Flickr photostream to see all of the photos.


Videos capture fun moments in time of my family activities around home and on vacation. It's fun to look back at the experiences we've had and how fast my kids grew up.

Visit my YouTube Channel

Shield - Holloway Family Coat of Arms

Our family history can be traced directly back to the 1700's in the United States. We have English, Czechoslovakian, Polish, German, and probably a few other things in our blood.
Our "Holloway" name is English in origin.

My father, Stephen Holloway, found our family coat of arms or family crest... the one specific to our lineage. It was in a box with a collection of items from my great grand parents who were born in the early 1900's. We don't know how far back our specific coat of arms goes or when it originated. There were hand-written notes next the coat of arms that told us what colors are used and how they are applied. Unfortunately, we don't know the meaning of all the items. It has the same structural themes as evidenced by the generic Holloway family coat of arms found by searching the Internet.

Holloway Coat of Arms

Holloway Coat of Arms
View the full-size .jpg image

  • The font is a mix of English Towne and English Gothic, 17c.
  • The red fess is a "girdle of honor" indicating a readiness to serve.
  • Blue = truth and loyalty
  • Gold = generosity and elevation of the mind
  • Silver crescents mean "second son," honored by the sovereign, and stand for hope and glory.
  • The animal is a red antelope with serrated horns that is chained. It stands for fierceness and valor and is dangerous when aroused.
  • The golden crescent and gold base's significance is unknown.
  • The white patch of ermine spots signify dignity and the alliance with other families.
  • The tooth on the patch signifies the merging with the Toothman family in 2007.

Website History

The design and content of this website keeps pace with web styles, technology, and approaches, while building upon each iteration. It's neat to see progressing screenshots and how far my design and content have come... it nearly matches the evolutionary stages of web design.

Timeline: 1998-Present

The first version of this website started a long time ago at Ohio University, where web hosting and learning new technologies was built into the DNA of the students. Now, I host my own domain and try to keep up! I'm always learning...

web design 2016

2016. Wholesale changes in web usability were taking place with responsive design and a mobile-first approach. I also needed to put more emphasis on my own brand and communicate my professional style.

I streamlined the navigation and page structures in a new way and focused on parallel language to describe me. I adopted an accessible design for all screen sizes, while using new graphic and photo styles.

web design 2009

2009. I was focusing on web strategy and watching big steps in the evolution of web design, technology, social media, and SEO.

I moved hosts from Ohio University to my own domain at I utilized new CSS standards, consistent elements and content design, some plugins, and started to streamline my own content to create a central hub for my professional work.

2012 design

2012. I realized the need to upgrade my personal website to match my professional accomplishments.

This iteration of the site continues the navigation structure and content from the last design, but it features significant upgrades to look and feel, usability, CSS, and new stuff like drop down menus and additional content.

2003 web design

2003. It was time for a major upgrade. I wanted a cleaner, consistent design and a way to share more information in an organized and intuitive way.

I was inspired by simple approaches and nagivation I saw in personal profile-type sites, so I used horizontal main navigation, a core template structure, and a basic page layout from the last design. I shared news, events, and started my quotes page that continues to this day.

1999 web design

1998. I started building my first website using Netscape Navigator. I learned HTML, programming basics, web hosting, and started playing with graphic design.

In the winter of 1999, I launched the website and began promoting my school work, brother's band, and other random things. It was during this time that I started realizing the power of the Internet and started helping organizations take advantage of online marketing, communication, and influence to accomplish their goals. Believe it or not, it was a hard sell.